Butter London - Pillar Box Red - Bar Tested!


Today I've got something exciting for Australian viewers! The InStyle Magazine for this month has a free Butter London on it! There are two colours to choose from: Pillar Box Red & Pink Ribbon. I, of course, chose Pillar Box Red because I'm obsessed with finding the perfect red. So if you can pick up a copy of this, you totally should. In Australia Butter London retails for $22! Which I find pretty shocking, I honestly don't see why I would spend more than I would on an OPI for only 11mL of nail polish, it's so annoying how expensive nail polishes are in Australia!

Pillar Box Red is a gorgeous true red creme, for some reason I think the photos came up leaning a little orange, but it definitely doesn't lean that way in real life. The formula was great and you guys will see that it did quite well on the bar test. The only draw back was that the brush was quite short, but the application was fine.

Free full size sample!


With flash

I couldn't pass up the chance to buy this, even though I don't regularly buy InStyle, probably because it makes me want to buy heaps of things and do completely irrational things. For example reading through it, I now really want to dye my hair blonde and get it dip dyed blue or something. I'm pretty sure that would look completely wrong on me, but I can dream!!

Bar Tested!!

It did really well at work! I'm quite impressed on how it did actually, with colours like red you can really tell when it chips and here there are only really a couple of noticeable ones plus some tip wear on my thumb. I'm actually still wearing it right now, but the small chips have lead to massive chips, so I'll have to take it off tomorrow.

Long story short, I gave in and bought some Butter Londons on eBay! British Racing Green (so I can finally have an awesome forest green) and Dark Knight are on their way to me as we speak! So excited!

See you next time!


  1. You're going to love British Racing Green and Black Knight! They're awesome. But I do agree with you on the price- in Canada they are about $18, which I think is kind of steep for the amount of polish. Haha, funny thing is, it hasn't stopped me from buying them! :P

    1. Yay! I'm so excited for them to arrive! I'm sure it won't stop me from buying them either! All their colours are so gorgeous the $22 is nothing hahaha