OPI Designer...De Better!

Hi again!

This is one polish that I had to buy the full size after getting the mini-pack because it was so shiny and pretty! Designer...de Better! is a gorgeous silver foil with bronze flecks throughout it. 

(Direct Sunlight)

(With flash)

It's hard to really capture all the bronze flecks in it, but I think these photos show how shiny it is! In person it has quite a mirror finish so even though in the photos you can see a couple of nails are starting to get little cracks in them on the tips from typing, you can't even tell.

The formula was great! This is two coats and these photos were taken after wearing it for 3 days.

If you see a bottle of this available somewhere, pick it up! Especially considering that there's no dupes that I know of on the market at the moment.

I think that the next polishes I swatch will probably be A-England. The combination of being sick and the sale on the Mythicals Collection lead me to buy 15 polishes!




I thought I would quickly take some time to post a quick photo of one of the kittens that I was looking after a couple of months ago. She was a super cute and pretty lady who was found by herself :( but on the plus side she got some litter mates a week or so after and got on so well with them!

This is Squeaky, we named her that because when kittens are really young they can't meow yet and kind of...squeak.

Haha she was so little and stumpy. For some reason all the kittens we look after don't really grow tall, they grow stumpy.

Hope you enjoy her cuteness!


NOTD: Color Club - New Bohemian

So I thought I would post a picture of my nails at the moment. Because I work at a bar my nails; 1. break all the time, & 2. always manage to get a chip in the first day.

The second one is the most annoying, but also a positive because it means that I get to change my nail polish every day, at least on the weekends.

I recently bought this because I saw that it was similar to China Glaze - For Audrey, I think New Bohemian is a little bit more green, but I'll probably do a comparison later. I wanted to get it also because I find that China Glaze's formula can be a little bit on the thick side, plus it chipped really quickly. I love the colour though so investigating into the Color Club version was certainly worth it.

On my ring finger I put one layer of Color Club - Diamond Drops, I think it's from their Blossoming collection. A flakie top coat which I loooooove. This time I had some problems applying it though, the flakies weren't applying evenly like they were when I swatched them on the colour wheel, I shall see next time I use it what the application is like and report back!

Side note: I realllllyyy need to get a new camera. I've been looking at the Nikon S3300, I think it's called. My camera at the moment is legit bad, sometimes it can take like 2 seconds to take a shot, which is redic.



Blog ho!

Wow, so I've finally entered the blogging world (apart from the embarrassingly bad LiveJournal days)!

I decided to start this blog after realising that I'm creeping closer and closer to having 100 nail polishes, made more impressive by the fact that I only got seriously into nail polish 6 months ago, I thought it would be fun to document all the polishes that I have so far (+ the ones I'm sure to buy in the future).

I also hope that I'll be able to take good photos of all the kittens that I look after and put them up here! I help out a vet and look after the baby kittens when they're too small to be desexed and re-homed.

Yay! x