I thought I would quickly take some time to post a quick photo of one of the kittens that I was looking after a couple of months ago. She was a super cute and pretty lady who was found by herself :( but on the plus side she got some litter mates a week or so after and got on so well with them!

This is Squeaky, we named her that because when kittens are really young they can't meow yet and kind of...squeak.

Haha she was so little and stumpy. For some reason all the kittens we look after don't really grow tall, they grow stumpy.

Hope you enjoy her cuteness!



  1. OMG!!! she is SO cute! and i think squeeky is such an adorable name. there's no way to follow your blog so let me know when you add the 'follow' gadget because i'd love to see more nails and kittens :)

    1. Haha thanks for wanting to follow me!

      Squeaky was so awesome, I think we named her Ripley in the beginning from Alien because she had fleas, but we hardly ever keep their first name and they get variations of nicknames. She was also called Squishy, I can't even remember why lol