OPI Designer...De Better!

Hi again!

This is one polish that I had to buy the full size after getting the mini-pack because it was so shiny and pretty! Designer...de Better! is a gorgeous silver foil with bronze flecks throughout it. 

(Direct Sunlight)

(With flash)

It's hard to really capture all the bronze flecks in it, but I think these photos show how shiny it is! In person it has quite a mirror finish so even though in the photos you can see a couple of nails are starting to get little cracks in them on the tips from typing, you can't even tell.

The formula was great! This is two coats and these photos were taken after wearing it for 3 days.

If you see a bottle of this available somewhere, pick it up! Especially considering that there's no dupes that I know of on the market at the moment.

I think that the next polishes I swatch will probably be A-England. The combination of being sick and the sale on the Mythicals Collection lead me to buy 15 polishes!



  1. I'm not big on foil polishes, but this one is really pretty! ^.^

    1. I know! I normally don't like them because I've got super ridgey nails and it shows up like crazy with foils, but this one wasn't too bad

  2. I've got the mini fo this and love it! Such a unique shade. Your nails are lovely too by the way :) x

    1. Thanks! Luckily this is my non-dominant hand. My right hand's nails break all the time from bashing around a bar haha

  3. This is currently on my wishlist! Gorgeous :)